Less Friction, More Results


Friction can stop the consumer journey in its path: Matt Kelley, Leapfrog SVP, shares ideas on how to successfully clear the way.

Imagine yourself in a retail store. You have a question about an item. The only clerk available is staffing the cash register. There are three people ahead of you. You are experiencing “friction.”

Friction happens in physical stores. And it happens online all the time. Broadly speaking, friction refers to anything that inhibits a customer from moving forward on the path to purchase.

In the digital world, reducing friction is key to optimizing performance. Some efforts are relatively simple; others have innate complexity. But all have the potential to improve results.

Monitor the essentials. In the digital world, some areas of friction are basic. Watch load times: one estimate indicates a 7% drop-off for every second of waiting. Make sure your conversion process is optimized for mobile. Enable autocomplete to facilitate finalization. Leapfrog maintains a 24/7 alert monitoring system to ensure sites we manage are meeting defined performance criteria.

Engineer a better UX.  Headlines, messaging, graphics, form length and layout, offers – elements big and small can impact conversions. Ensure you can access and track how consumers are interacting with your experiences to identify friction points and prioritize optimizations. Case in point: one of our clients gained a 39% lift through testing enhanced user experiences.

Personalize the experience. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, create custom experiences based on the data you have readily available and easiest to enable. Common examples: media signals such as keywords searched, audience segment targets (1st or 3rd party), device, location, number of visits and more.

Make it easy to move forward. Is there a clear call to action? Can a mobile browser click to call an agent? Can a prospect easily find an answer to a question? Thinking again about the customer journey, how do you facilitate the next step?

Keep the engagement going. Your first interaction with a prospect may not lead to an immediate conversion. Build from your first interactions through exit messages, automated follow-ups, retargeting and remarketing programs. 

Expedite the entire process. When working across a variety of systems – DSPs, DMPs, CRM and more – the analytics around identifying and reducing friction may seem like a massive challenge. Fortunately, the LFX Platform specializes in connecting the consumer journey, make it easier to detect points of friction along the way. And once identified, LFX also makes it easy to test alternatives.

In this case, the bottom-line is literally the bottom-line: less friction equals more results, measured in additional leads, increased sales and greater conversion.

Want to identify and eliminate friction in your conversion process? Contact Matt Kelley at mkelley@leapfrogonline.com

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Matt oversees the Marketing Insights, Digital Media and Call Center teams that drive the analysis, planning and execution of consumer journey optimizations across all relevant touch points (online & offline). His team leverages consumer insights and trends to develop marketing and testing strategies to optimize the evolving consumer purchase path via data driven engagement in media and personalized digital (UX) and offline conversion experiences.