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An analytics best practice: taking a disciplined approach to gathering marketing intelligence.

Leapfrog SVP Mike Shutty looks at developing a “learning agenda.”

Essential to success moving forward is a learning agenda – a progressive plan to always becoming smarter about your prospects, customers and the marketplace.


With analytics being a core Leapfrog discipline, needless to say, every client has a defined learning agenda. Customized based based on a client’s current analytics and oversll business goals, learning agendas are generally sequenced in three steps:


CONSUMER INSIGHTS for segmentation, clustering and propensity modeling.

Starting with a deep dive into existing data, LFX, Leapfrog’s marketing operating system, is built to connect disparate data and mine for insights.


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MARKETING ANALYTICS for testing, advanced modeling and predicting.

Moving to more robust analysis and testing. Hypothesis are formed based on performance, behaviors and UX; results feed media, acquisition and experience strategies.


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CONTINUOUS OPTIMIZATION for progressive learning and ongoing lift.

Ensuring ongoing growth with a systematic approach for rapid learning. Aided by machine learning and managed by our marketing experts and data scientists, client programs continue to grow more effective and efficient.


The ultimate benefit of a learning agenda: the ability to activate new found intelligence to identify, engage and convert more new customers. And getting smarter about it every day.

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Mike Shutty is Senior Vice President at Leapfrog and has over 30 years of performance marketing experience combining talent, technology, and innovation to drive continuous optimized results for clients. Contact Mike at