Your Daily Requirements of Insights – Eleven Essential Reports to Jumpstart Your Day


Get your day off to a “healthy start” with critical insights: Leapfrog has identified eleven reports every digital marketer needs each morning.

Imagine having access to your latest marketing results every morning.


Exactly how Leapfrog clients start their day: accessing a dashboard with key metrics on performance, media and behavioral trends.


Although always customized by client business needs, we’ve identified eleven essential reports digital marketers need daily. Download sample reports here.


Easily pivoting from summaries to granular detail, these daily essentials make it easy to:


  • Measure leads/orders, costs, progress to goals
  • Examine media, UX and testing results
  • Highlight user demographics and behaviors, such as location, daypart and interactions
  • Identify trends and even create “what-if” scenarios based on current performance (e.g., what if you reallocate media spend, ran alternative creative, etc.)


Of course, our Marketing Intelligence teams are also reviewing comparable reports – plus updates throughout the day. Insights to ensure clients are achieving goals and identifying new opportunities: vital to ongoing optimization.


Categories: Connected Data, Consumer Journey, Marketing Insights

Mike Shutty is Senior Vice President at Leapfrog and has over 30 years of performance marketing experience combining talent, technology, and innovation to drive continuous optimized results for clients. Contact Mike at