Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing at Leapfrog means our success is tied to our clients’ business goals and ROI. It means delivering insights, optimization and results on a regular daily, weekly, monthly basis. It means constant innovation to understand the consumer, discover drivers of performance and define the path for future growth. It means replicating disruptive results without disrupting how you do business.

Machine Learning: Fact and Fiction In Conversion Optimization

MediaPost currently features an article written by Stacie Caine Bogdan, Leapfrog’s Senior Director of Strategy and Insights. In the piece, Stacie identifies seven common myths about machine learning – plus shares strategies proven to get more from your marketing and targeting efforts.

Your Brand Personalized: Dynamic Creative In User Experience Design

Highly personalized experiences deliver conversions gains — but take a mix of art and science to implement. Creative Director Jay Sojdelius explains the “marriage between intelligent technology and insightful creative strategy” required to personalize at scale. 

Less Friction, More Results

Friction can stop the consumer journey in its path: Matt Kelley, Leapfrog SVP, shares ideas on how to successfully clear the way.