LFX Conversion Platform

The LFX Conversion Platform is a marketing operation system specifically created to optimize customer conversion. With the capability to connect disparate data sources… to align online and offline customer experiences… to integrate across your existing adtec and martec platforms — LFX has the power to dramatically transform your digital marketing.

Going Deep: Seven Myths About Machine Learning, Continued

Mythbusting continues in Part Two of Stacie Caine Bogdan’s piece on machine learning. A shorter version of this originally ran online at MediaPost

Going Deep: Seven Myths About Machine Learning

Leapfrog’s Senior Director of Strategy and Insights dispels common myths on machine learning. A shorter version of this post originally ran online at MediaPost.

Your Brand Personalized: Dynamic Creative In User Experience Design

Highly personalized experiences deliver conversions gains — but take a mix of art and science to implement. Creative Director Jay Sojdelius explains the “marriage between intelligent technology and insightful creative strategy” required to personalize at scale. 

Straight Talk On AMP

Let’s be honest: when Google supports an initiative, everyone in the digital space pays attention. Such is the story of AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.